Scenery Madeira X (FSX only)

Complete scenery of Madeira (Portugal) done with obvious love for the islands by a team of experts. This might not be the most obvious scenery add-on for many simmers but it is a stunning piece of work and a gateway to the Canary islands, or the Azores. Even western Africa can be explored. Just a few hours from the big western Europe airports you will find two islands waiting to be explored

Recently the airport had to be expanded and the only way to make the runway longer was to extend them on a plateau supported by colums and putting the roads underneath. A complete unique runway was thus created. The other side of the runway has a curved approach path, at night lit by lead-in beacons.

The airports are full with cars and other objects with all buildings done is exquisite detail. Not withstanding the high detail, the scenery is very fast due to meticulous optimizing of the raw code. This scenery was a big surprise in the offices of Aerosoft Online. Starting out as just one more product, we found ourselfs for several days exploring the islands and the airports.

This product includes:
- Funchal (LPMA) and the smaller airport of Porto Santo (LPPS)
- high detail mesh for all islands.
- animations: follow me cars,
- impressive night lightning
- parking positions, gates, working docking systems
  • Photo realistic 50 cm pixels ground coverage
  • Highly detailed airports of Funchal (LPMA) and Porto Santo (LPPS)
  • Super detailed 9,5 meter mesh
  • 120.000 hand placed autogen objects
  • Dozens of detailed VFR objects (bridges, wind power plants etc)
  • Dynamic traffic on all highways
  • AI Traffic (compatible with MyTraffic)
  • Extensive manual with charts
 Download here :   Madeira