HH-65 Dolphin U.S. Coast Guard

HH-65C Variants from numorous USCG Airstations around the USA. The units included are from Sitka, Barbers Point, Port Angeles, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Humboldt Bay, Detroit, Kodak, Atlantic City, New Orleans, Houston, Mobile, Miami, Corpus Christi, Borinquen, Savannah, Traverse City, Elizabeth City, and a lone MH-65C Dauphin from Jacksonville, Florida (The MH-65 will replace the MH-68 Stingray HITRON helicopters in the future.) If you do the math, that's about 92% of the ENTIRE United States Coast Guard HH-65 Fleet. Also, some helicopters have been moved around to other stations since the last package, so this should bring you up to date with everything. Oncemore--This package is dedicated to the brave men and women of the United States Coast Guard--especially those at CGAS New Orleans. Many of the crewmembers saved more people during Hurricane Katrina than many veteran pilots have and will save during their entire career!